Your Story Isn’t Over

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Fans from all over the world and from many different Fandoms. The one thing we all have in common? Compassion. When Fans see the semi colon tattoo, there is an immediate understanding; an “I See You.” Solidarity and support for someone you have never met overwhelms and (if you’re lucky) you share a story or listen to one. In “Wynona Earp” episode “Jolene” (3:5) Waverly, defying her raging inner demon, makes the stand- “I’m Here and I Stay.” This is our notice. Our demons lie. Depression lies. Fans have a way of helping one another take inventory of reasons to deny the voices. Our compassion makes our community unique and I find it to be filled with an amazing amalgam of talented, funny, caring people – and quite a few with semi colons and a story to tell.

Our Semi Colon shirt is available in the shop. A portion of every shirt sale from now through July 31, 2020 will be donated to

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Look for an update in early August.

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