New Update for our Kickstarter Campaign

Thanks so much for your support!  As we head into our final week, we wanted to share some updates.

We have our bids in from printing and are pleased to announce we are printing in the good ole’ US of A.  This will help us meet our June shipping goal – and, yes, we want to admit that it may be June 30th, but our goal is to have all rewards shipped by the end of June.  

Our website will be updated this week with a final PDF of the rules (and we will share that here, as well).

We warned you that we are not videographers, but we have created a quick game play overview and it is now available in the project info.

Please note the video uses our prototype, laminated cards.  The final version of the game will be real printed, full color cards.  The board, when laid out, will look like this. (This is the board before the character cards are revealed.  The “road” pieces are Mayhem cards and are drawn upon winning a Group Marker.  They are replenished during the game.  Character cards are not replenished.)

Board Layout
Board Layout

For our backers that have selected levels that include a t-shirt, here are some samples.  The characters will be full color printed on unisex, Gildan ultra cotton tees. Each character will be available on the color of their group in the game or on black.  There will be an update email with all of the info on the t-shirts, including sizing chart.  These will also be available to purchase as an add-on during the final pledge manager email.


The basic characters that are available are:  Sam, Dean, Crowley, Castiel, Charlie, Bobby, Jodi, Donna, Kevin, and Abaddon.  However, you can select from any of the 35 characters in the game.

The deluxe edition magnets are ready.  These will also be available as a button set to purchase during the pledge management email.

There will be another update before our campaign closes with more images of the final play mat and box art.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to private message us.  Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Thanks again! It’s going to be a busy week!

Carry On!

Wayward Geeks

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